New motorcycle theft modus targets food delivery riders

Image capture of video by GMA News via YouTube

Be wary, delivery riders!

Food delivery riders are the targets of a new kind of motorcycle theft. In the story you are about to read, the stolen motorcycle is owned by a college student who works as a part time delivery rider in a restaurant.

In a video shared by GMA News via YouTube on Tuesday, the victim who chose to be called “Philip” said a man who claimed to be a coronel phoned him for a food delivery at around 11:30AM, Tuesday.

Aside from the location instructions, the coronel also told him to bring change for P2,000.

The coronel told Philip to pass by the corner of Monte de Piedad and E. Rodriguez Avenue because his soldier will be there waiting to give further instructions and ride with him to the “complicated” address.

At the rendezvous point of Philip and the soldier, CCTV footage showed that the soldier (presumably fake, with fake uniform) was allowed by Philip to wear his helmet and take the wheel.

When they arrived at a residential area near Betty Go Belmonte street, the soldier told Philip to step down and knock on a house’s gate.

But right after taking a step away from the motorcycle, the crook suddenly left; taking the food and the change for P2,000 along with his motorcycle.

Philip immediately reported the incident to the cops.

Authorities said that this is a new style of motorcycle theft that should be disclosed to the public.

Hon. Ramon Salas, Brgy. Chairman of Immaculate Concepcion, Quezon City said that the new style of budol-budol gang was well planned.

Watch the CCTV footage in this video shared by GMA News via YouTube and make sure to forward to delivery riders you know.


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YouTube, GMA News