Ninong Digong welcomes Robin and Mariel’s baby Isabella to the Christian world

Images by Mariel Padilla via Instagram account

Celebrity parents Mariel and Robin Padilla were a picture of proud parents during their baby Isabella’s baptism.

Baby Isabella just turned one year and after her extravagant Spanish-themed party, her family welcomed her to the Christian world.

The ceremony was held at the National Shrine of St. Michael and the Archangels, also known as the Malacañang Church. Baby Isabelle also has scored some big names as grandparents.

“Ninong Digong” President Rodrigo Duterte, Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Peter Alan Cayetano, ABS-CBN executive Cory Vidanes, director Joyce Bernal, Piolo Pascual and Karla Estrada and several others were Isabella’s ninongs and ninangs.

Mariel decided to share on her Instagram account their family’s stand about religion. Everybody knows that Robin is a devout Muslim while Mariel is a Catholic. She said Robin respects Mariel’s religion. She adds, “In Islam there is no compulsion. Isabella also had her Aqiqah today.”

Aqiqah is the Islamic tradition of offering an animal to mark the birth of a child.

She explained, “When she grows up, she will be the one to decide what her religion is. That is her right. As parents, it is our duty to teach our children to respect all religions. It is our duty to guide them but we cannot dictate to them. One thing is for sure… I will make sure Isabella knows that there is only one GOD.”

@mariaisabelladepadilla ‘s very special Ninong President Rodrigo Roa Duterte ?? maraming salamat po Mr.President or can i say Ninong Digong? ?

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November 23,2017 a very memorable date for my family because on this day my baby girl @mariaisabelladepadilla was baptized and she also had her Aqiqah. On the same day my husband @robinhoodpadilla celebrated his 48th birthday ? this celebration would not have been possible if it weren’t for the help of these passionate and dedicated people. From our hearts… thank you! @kayegarcia13 @partystartersph @badangrueda @mymetrophoto @lemonthreefilms @theflourgirl @pinwheelcrafts @shopsmittenph @bellabanquets @edwintan_ph @joycepring @jadericcio_soprano Special thanks to the office of the president: PMS (Presidential Management Staff) OAS (Office of the Appointments Secretary) OPP (Office of the Presidential Protocol) PSG (Presidential Security Group) IHAO (Internal House Affairs Office) MARO (Media Accreditations & Relations Office) RTVM (Radio-Television Malacañang) To our Godparents thank you for accepting the responsibility of being Isabella’s 2nd parents. We know you will love her like we love her. To our guests, thank you for your time. We truly feel special that you all spent the day with us. November 23,2017 a day we will never forget. ?

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