North Korean soldier who crossed South Korea enjoys K-pop and CSI

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  • A young soldier have escaped from North Korea
  • He is being treated in a hospital where he enjoys K-pop and American entertainment
  • The soldier known as Oh is one of the several North Korea defectors recorded this year

A 24-year-old North Korean soldier has recently defected from his country as he crossed the border via the demilitarized zone in what seemed like a suicide attempt.

Known by the surname Oh, the defector was captured in a CCTV footage escaping from a vehicle while evading gunshots fired by his comrades. He was able to cross the DMZ but collapsed.

Oh was rescued by South Korean agents and was brought to the Ajou University Hospital for treatment.

According to a story posted by CNN, Oh’s surgeon Lee Cooj-jong said that he is a very nice guy. Oh is recovering by listening to K-pop music and watching American series and movies. His favorite is CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – things that are prohibited in North Korea.

These are just little consolations compared to surviving the 40 bullets fired at him.

Oh almost did not make it as he lost half of his body’s blood before he reached the hospital. Lee also found some 27 centimeters long parasites inside his body that has affected his intestines. These parasites are believed to be common in North Korea.

Lee said he believes Oh went to South Korea out of his own will. Having spoken with him several times, the doctor said that the North Korean joined the army at age 17 when he graduated from high school.

He asked him jokingly if he wants to join the South Korean forces and Oh said he would not want to ever return to military service.

Oh is one of the several defectors who have been recorded this year. Because of the hard life in the North border, some citizens there opt to transfer to South Korea where they are given as much as KRW 7 million for them to start their own life.

Before they can get this, they are first interrogated by receiving officers and brought to a resettlement center for three months where they can learn how to live like South Koreans, said an article by the Washington Post.

North Korea and South Korea have been in war for at least 5 decades with them not being able to sign a peace treaty after the Korean War. An armistice deal is currently what keeps their military from clashing at the DMZ border.