Oh baby, baby! The F4 is back, meet the new cast of Meteor Garden 2018

Images by Meteor Garden Lover via Instagram account and C-drama Tweets via Twitter account

Were you part of the F4 fever?

Meteor Garden was so iconic because it basically represented our teenage daydreams. Everyone was swooning over Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Mei Xuo and Xi Men. Young girls wanted to be San Chai. We sang to their catchy songs and posters of F4 were selling like hot pancakes. You can practically see their faces printed on almost anything — from mugs, fans, bags, etc. We couldn’t get enough of their episodes; there was a time that it was replayed twice a day.

The show really jumpstarted the careers of Jerry Yan, Vannes Wu, Vic Zhou, Ken Chu and Barbie Shu. The Meteor Garden followers had a surprise when they received news that a new F4 is all set and ready to “shake.”

Sixteen years since their TV premiere, we are finally getting a 2018 remake. Back in April, Asian Drama Lovers released the new poster for the remake and quoted Angie Chai, the creator, saying: “Yes! Meteor Garden is being remade! An all-new Meteor Garden belonging to your youth!”

Chai was quoted by Drama Panda expressing her excitement over the new cast, “Each of them has a unique quality that is very appealing to me, I believe #NewMeteorGardenF4 will give everyone a different kind of surprise.”

Meet the new F4: Connor Leong, Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, and Caesar Wu.

Connor Leong is a 22-year-old model and actor from China.

Darren Chen, is 22 years old from Taipei, Taiwan. With an iconic handkerchief on his forehead, it’s easy to guess who he’ll be playing.

Dylan Wang is only 19 years old and also hails from China. He starred in an “idol reality show” with Leong in China.

Cesar Wu is 21 years old and is also from Shenchuan, China.

Asia-Ent on YouTube tells us though that Shen Yue is female lead. Would it be her to play as San Chai?


Other cast including the main role of San Chai is yet to be revealed. It’s never too late to reminisce our youth. Aja!