PAGASA says we might be having a very rainy Christmas 2017

Image capture of video via DOST-PAGASA YouTube

In a press-briefing on Wednesday, November 22, PAGASA made an announcement that storms and extreme rainfall might hit the Philippines this December and would probably last until March 2018.

PAGASA’s observation and data shows that there is a high probability of more than 70% that climatic hazard La Niña is developing in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific Ocean. They have observed that the weather in the country has been cooler than normal condition as of September 2017.

Ms. Anna Solis, OIC of Climate Monitoring and Prediction Section (CLIMPS) – CLIMATOLOGY & AGROMETEOROLOGY DIVISION (CAD) discussed about the developing La Niña.

DOST-PAGASA Press briefing on Developing La Niña:

This phenomenon might bring near to above normal rainfall condition in some areas in Luzon, most parts of Visayas and Mindanao. She also announced that we might have 1 or 2 storms coming this December.

PAGASA released a general statement that there is a weak La Niña developing near the Philippines and if it forms, it may not last beyond March 2018.

Aside from that, other existing weather systems like Cold Fronts and Low Pressures may affect the outpour of rain.

The advisory has been made to help people prepare for extreme rainfall or storm this upcoming festive season.