PH, meet the new F4! Meteor Garden 2018 to air on ABS-CBN

Images via ABS-CBN Entertainment's YouTube video and @barbie.hsu's Instagram post
  • ABS-CBN has earned the rights for the remake of “Meteor Garden”, the Taiwanese drama that took Asia by storm during the 2000s.
  • ABS-CBN was the television network that first introduced Meteor Garden in the Philippines back in 2003; re-aired it in 2014
  • The new F4 members were earlier revealed

Once again, the Kapamilya Network will introduce F4 and Shan Cai to the Filipinos — but this time, the new cast of the iconic Taiwanese drama’s 2018 remake.

On its website, the ABS-CBN announced that it will be airing the Meteor Garden remake.

“ABS-CBN has earned the rights for the remake of ‘Meteor Garden’, the Taiwanese drama that took Asia by storm during the 2000s. It enjoyed huge popularity at home and across Asia, spawning remakes in Japan and South Korea. It was first aired in the Philippines on ABS-CBN in 2003,” it noted.

Meteor Garden is based on the Japanese manga series, Boys Over Flowers; which tells the story of Shan Cai, a teenage girl from a poor family who goes to a school for rich people at her parents’ insistence. There, she met four handsome but arrogant male students collectively known as F4. Dao Ming Si, F4’s leader, eventually fell in love with her.

Aside from introducing the series in the Philippines in 2003, the television network also re-aired it in 2014.

New F4

Earlier, after 16 years since Meteor Garden’s first airing in Taiwan in 2001, the new members of F4 was revealed. They are Connor Leong, Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, and Caesar Wu.

Leong is a 22-year-old model and actor from China.

Chen is a 22-year-old from Taipei, Taiwan.

Dylan Wang is only 19 years old and also hails from China. He starred in an “idol reality show” with Leong in China.

Cesar Wu is 21 years old and is also from Shenchuan, China.

Soon, a press conference for the series will be held, and the roles to be played by the four young men will be announced.

Barbie Hsu, who is the original Shan Cai, shared a photo of the four handsome actors on her Instagram account:

???????????#NewF4 #MeteorGarden2018

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Here’s the Meteor Garden teaser that was used by ABS-CBN when the series was re-aired in 2014:

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