Reporter Pia Ranada calls out a radio station on Twitter; gets different reactions online

Images via DWIZ 882 and Pia Ranada Robles' Facebook accounts
  • Rappler reporter Pia Ranada called out a radio station because of its host RJ Nieto
  • Ranada slammed Nieto who allegedly asked Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque on air to “throw a hollow block” at her.
  • Rappler said the DWIZ must sanction Nieto; people online, however, have different reactions

Rappler reporter Pia Ranada called out radio station DWIZ after one of its host RJ Nieto allegedly asked Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque on air to “throw a hollow block” at her.

“I’m calling out @dwiz882 for letting one of their hosts, RJ Nieto, ask Presidential Spox Harry Roque to throw a hollow block at me on air,” Ranada tweeted.

“Whether or not he meant it literally, it’s a threat. Why is a KBP (Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas)-recognized radio station allowing its hosts to threaten journalists?” she pointed out.

Here is the thread of Ranada’s tweets:

In an interview, Nieto told Roque to try throwing a hollow block during a press briefing.

“Pero, sir, kahit isang hollow block magbalibag naman kayo, sir, para ano lang pakagat lang ganoon,” Nieto said then laughed.

[But, Sir, try throwing a hollow block, Sir, to give them a taste.]

“Pero dapat pipiliin din ang target,” Roque answered. [But we should also choose the target.]

“Ako po, si Pia na lang po. Si Pia Ranada, Sir,” Nieto said. [If I would be the one to choose, I’d pick Pia. Pia Ranada, Sir.]

Ranada’s tweets earned different reactions from Twitter users.

Some have expressed support.

“Go Pia! We do not tolerate this RJ Nieto do all his nonsense for his own benefit. Very unbecoming of a govt official!” @dumidyeypee tweeted.

“Keep fighting. We can’t let these paid arrogant propagandists threaten democracy & journalism & ignore policies of organizations like KBP,” @loidita said.

“He knows that you’re on the right side, that’s why he threatens you,” @GeassLamperouge wrote.

While others did not like the way she reacted to Nieto’s statement.

“Seriously Pia, how did you become a journalist? How?! Coz from this thread, it seems that i am reading tweets from a high school brat,” @tatarababe said.

“Hi, Pia, I’m just wondering kung saan ka nag-aaral ng journalism? ‘Di mo ata alam ang FIGURE OF SPEECH,” tweeted @CuyosJonalyn.

[Hi, Pia. I’m just wondering if where did you study journalism. It seems like you’re not familiar with the Figures of Speech.]

“We are calling out @rapplerdotcom for letting one of their reporters @piaranada played victim again,” wrote @JmMarti28869287.

Rappler, on the other hand, asked DWIZ to sanction Nieto.

“Rappler calls on @dwiz882 to sanction RJ Nieto for yet another attack on a journalist,” it tweeted.

This was Nieto’s post following Ranada’s tweets:

@PiaRanada, you really are one fucking idiot. And YES, I meant that LITERALLY.Pia's headline: Nieto threatens me with IQ

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Here is the Facebook live video of the DWIZ program. Be the one to judge:


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