Roque on calls to resign: Up to president to fire me

Image capture from ABS-CBN's YouTube video
  • Presidential spokesperson bucked calls by pro-Duterte bloggers to resign
  • He said final decision to fire him up to the president himself
  • He also said his job covers speaking to all Filipinos regardless of their affiliation

MANILA, Philippines – Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque bucked calls from supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte to resign; saying it is the latter himself who has the final say on his fate.

“We serve at the pleasure of the President. All Cabinet members serve at the pleasure of the President,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying.

RJ Nieto, owner of pro-government blog ThinkingPinoy, said Roque should resign for supposedly reneging on his vow to stand up for the supporters of the president.

However, the spokesman said he will just relay the blogger’s message to Duterte.

“It’s a matter that he should address to the President because the President appointed me,” he said. “What I will do is I will facilitate receipt of this information by the President. I will tell the President that Mr. Nieto has said that I should be removed. I will relay that to the President.”

Roque also defended his statement urging Duterte’s supporters not to attack members of the mainstream media; saying he was only doing his job of reaching out to everyone regardless of their political affiliation.

“I stated what I think is right, and I stated what I think is true,” he said. “I speak as a spokesperson of the President to all Filipinos especially to those who, I believe, should have a better understanding of what the President is doing and what the President is saying.”

Roque, who said he is ready to ‘throw hollow blocks’ at critics of the president, made peace with the media by bringing them hot pandesal instead.