Stranger Things 2 fever: Video of ‘Stranger Pugs 2’ goes viral

Images via Bored Panda's Facebook video

Several days since the series was released, the Stranger Things 2 fever is still on.

On Doug The Pug’s Facebook page, a video of a pug dressed like the characters of the second season of Stranger Things is being shared by a lot of people.

As of posting, the video has been viewed almost 2.3 million times, has more than 90,000 reactions, and over 41,000 shares. A lot of Facebook users have also commented on the video.

“The amount of work that must go into these videos is commendable. We love you, Doug,” FT expressed.

“Excellent job, Doug. You’re a great actor!” KH wrote.

“Even though I didn’t watch the original I watched this one,” RM said.

“I don’t like this show but omg how cute,” commented DS.

Here’s the trailer of the Stranger Things 2:

Now watch this video of the adorable pug:

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