Trending: Carpool karaoke with Sam Smith and Fifth Harmony

Images via The Late Late Show with James Corden's YouTube video

What would the result be if popular singer Sam Smith and famous American girl group Fifth Harmony sing together in a carpool karaoke? A viral video maybe?

On YouTubeThe Late Late Show with James Corden posted a video of the popular artists’ carpool karaoke.

“James enlists Sam Smith to help him navigate the Los Angeles Carpool lane. During the ride, Sam shares that James was one of the first celebrities to notice and promote his music and Fifth Harmony jumps in the car for a surprise and song!” read the caption of the video.

A lot of YouTubers were delighted seeing the artists together.

“They’re so good together!” wrote MM.

“This is the best thing I’ve seen in a while,” RD commented.

“My skin is clear, my grades are up, the sun is shining, because SAM SMITH AND FIFTH HARMONY BASICALLY COLLABBED!” said WITA.

As of posting, the video is already the no. 2 trending video on YouTube; with more than 10.5 million views.

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