[Video] Pranksters create fake Apple Store at subway station with fake iPhone X lineup

Image via Improv Everywhere's webpage

A decade after Apple launched its first iPhone, the crowds were back at its stores Friday as the ultra-expensive iPhone X hit the market after months of anticipation.

The opportunity to prank people is inviting so the good-natured prankster group Improv Everywhere had some fun a few Sundays ago when they converted Manhattan’s 6-train glass elevator at 23rd street into a fake Apple store.

The station does look exactly like the architecture of an Apple store, especially that from the fifth avenue. The place was chosen because it has bay windows forming a square. On each side of this square of glass, the group has stuck Apple logos. Then volunteers wearing a blue T-shirt similar to the real Apple sellers, stood in front of the entrance to complete the prank.

Naturally, many people were interested in finding out what was going on. Some people even lined up because they thought they could score an iPhone X. Since the group didn’t want to waste anyone’s time, they told people who lined up that the store had run out of phones and that the 50 people who were in line first would only get it. Except for a few, most of them were in on the act.

The video which was posted by Improv Everywhere on their YouTube account has been viewed more than 1.4 million times.

Many passersby have been fooled and fortunately the result is awfully good. Watch the video below.