[Video] Ye Sha’s life 15 years after Meteor Garden 2

Images via Twinkle Trio Shop, ??? Dau Min Ssu, and Michelle Saram ??' Facebook pages

Do you still remember Ye Sha, the main antagonist in Meteor Garden 2?

If you were a fan of the love team of Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si, you probably hated her during the Taiwanese drama’s season 2 in 2002.

When Dao Ming Si (played by actor Jerry Yan) had a car accident and suffered amnesia, he met a wandering artist named Ye Sha (Michelle Saram). She later on became the love of his life which badly hurt Shan Cai (portrayed by Barbie Hsu).

Michelle Saram, a former singer and actress from Singapore, is known for being one of the few Singaporean celebrities who has Chindian descent. Her father is an Indian and her mother is a Chinese.

She started living a life away from the limelight after marrying businessman Ajai Zecha; son of former Aman Resorts chairman Adrian Zecha.

In recent years, she has been going on business trips with her husband and taking care of his children from a previous marriage.

She recently had a guest appearance in Paradox.

Here is a compilation video of Michelle Saram’s most recent pictures: