Viral video: This will be the lyrics of Despacito if it was written by a biologist

Image via A Capella Science's Facebook video

What if the lyrics of the popular song Despacito was written by a biologist?

On Facebook, the page A Capella Science posted a video of a biologist’s version of Puerto Rican artists Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s song Despacito.

“Tag your nerdiest biology friend,” read the caption of the video.

A lot of Facebook users were amazed by how the jargons, terms, facts, and lessons in biology were used to create a song using the tune of Despacito. Many were also pleased with the person’s singing style.

“This is a good approach. I am a biology student and I still remember, for me to memorize all the weird biology terms, I used the same approach exactly like this man,” said MR.

“I’m not a fan of “Despacito,” but this is just too funny! I think every college biology professor should play this in his/her classes,” wrote JC.

“The song was great. His voice was clear and precise, his harmonies were complex (especially considering they were all one voice), and his lyrics, rhymes and scansion were all inventive and creative. Someone even put a lot of time on those illustrations. All of this to feature complicated and obscure concepts in evolutionary biology,” JE commented.

As of posting, the video has almost 134,000 reactions, nearly 148,000 shares, and more than 9.1 million views.

Here is the original version of Despacito:

Now listen to the ‘biologist’s version’ of Despacito:

Evo-Devo (Despacito Biology Parody) | A Capella Science

?Tag your nerdiest biology friend?

Posted by A Capella Science on Tuesday, October 31, 2017

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