WATCH: Sexy Thai noodle vendor gets netizens attention

Image capture of video via YouTube Social Trends PH

A very poised and graceful noodle vendor wearing a very revealing outfit gains attention from the netizens.

The Youtube video of the sexy Thai noodle vendor uploaded 5 days ago already got more than 70k views.

The beautiful Thai woman featured on the video wears an off-shoulder red dress. She seems to be unaware that someone is taking a video of her preparing a noodle soup recipe at a certain stall.

Thailand is famous for its delicacies, one of which, is their traditional Thai Noodle Soup. This recipe is a popular street food and is sold in many stalls in their cities.

With the presence of several vendors and competitors, many street vendors often strategize to get more customers. Many businesses do a lot of stuff like promos, gimmicks and many others to attract more customers. However, if you are as good-looking as this vendor, I believe you will certainly attract several customers.

She almost looks like a celebrity endorser in the video. Hopefully, what she’s selling doesn’t only look good but taste good as well.

Would you buy from her stall?