WATCH: Transformation of Thai worker after a surgery in South Korea surprises even his own mother

Image captures of a video posted by Workpoint Entertainment via Facebook
  • A 22-year-old Thai underwent a surgery in South Korea
  • This is for the Thailand edition of Korean show Let Me In
  • After the surgery, even Noppajit Monlin’s own mother could not recognize him

Noppajit Monlin is a young factory worker in Thailand who faced an internal struggle due to his looks.

According to an article posted by Coconuts Bangkok, the 22-year-old Thai kept himself away from social circles because he was ashamed of how he looked.

Noppajit had blemishes over his cheeks and his jaw was unaligned. But these features were magically changed after he underwent a surgery in South Korea.

He was featured in the Thailand edition of the Korean reality show Let Me In that allowed him to get a cosmetic surgery for free.

After going through the surgery, he looked so different from how he was before that even his own mother could not believe it.

During their first meeting since his surgery and recovery, his mother cried and even asked: “Is it you? Is it really you?”.

Noppajit said that he now feels better about himself and actually opened up to the people around him.

“Many see me as a completely different individual. I feel better. Before this, people looked at my face as abnormal and society did not accept me,” Asia One quoted him. “But now I have more friends,”  he added.

Things may change for Noppajit but not his love and affection for his girlfriend Tob. When he shunned himself from the world, he only opened his heart for the 26-year-old transgender. They are now in a three-year relationship.

“Although I have a new life now, my heart remains the same,” he said.