Would you? Mom uses her maternity leave to travel the world with her newborn baby

Images by Travel Mad Mum via Instagram account

Karen Edwards is sure one lucky mother, not only because she gets one full year of maternity leave but because she gets to enjoy a little vacation. And by “little vacation”, I mean across 10 countries!

Edwards, who is 32 years old and from London, had enough time to recuperate and even enjoy a much-deserved vacation from her nursing job.

She and her husband, Shaun had always been avid travelers. So, when they had baby Esmé, it was something that they didn’t want to give up yet.

Edwards told the Independent: “I was just like, ‘I can’t give this up yet. We started thinking, ‘Well maybe we could bring the baby with us.”

The couple chronicle their travels and adventures in her blog Travel Mad Mum. There we get to see their globetrotting adventures as a family.

Edwards admits that traveling with a baby is not a walk in the park. There’s the occasional tantrum, the changing of nappies in stations and importantly, the fear of diseases being caught on by a baby.

They have also even been criticized for being “selfish”. But, it’s not stopping the family.

Edwards shared they have consulted with doctors who assured them the best time for a newborn to travel is when they are still breastfeeding as they get the best immunity from breast milk.

The family has been to 17 countries and counting. They have traveled to France, Italy, Cuba, Vietnam, South Africa, Cambodia and many others.

Lessons learnt on day one away with a newborn and toddler – you gotta split up .. one parent with each so that Esmé can make the most of all the awesome kiddie activities.. needless to say she has spent lots of time in the nice swimming pool as well as the kids club for a little bit of time this afternoon…. and what have I done??? Literally relaxed on the sun loungers, newborn in tow, taking in the views of the coast from our hotel …,Mallorca has some gorgeous coast!!! Whilst adventure backpacking holidays will always be our first choice of travel, I can totally see why people choose to come to Spain… the kids are endlessly entertained and happy with all there is to do… Massive thanks @solhotels #letyoursolshine ??????????sponsored

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FIVE MORE SLEEPS until the adventure of a life time… can't wait to be seeing more of these kind of pretty scenes????

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