Young CEO offers $10,000 to anyone who can set him up with a girl and date her for at least 4 months

He is offering $10,000 to anyone who can set him up with a potential girlfriend that he ends up dating for 4 months. Not only that, he is also willing to pay $2,000 to anyone who can introduce him to someone who make the arrangement, but of course, that person will get the $10,000.

“Compared to the value of a long-term companion, $10,000 is relatively little. In terms of ROI, it’ll probably be the best investment of my life,” Cohen wrote.

Cohen described himself as “intelligent, kind, easy-going, even-keeled, authentic, positive, and honest. He said he is looking for someone who is intelligent, honest, open-minded, funny and preferably Jewish.

Image from Joe Cohen’s Facebook account

Read Joe’s full advert HERE to find out more details about what he’s looking for in a woman, what he don’t care about, his ancestry, hobbies, music preferences and “Steps to Date Joe”.

Meanwhile, here are the terms and conditions:

  • Anyone is eligible to set me up, I don’t need to know you. Share this post with your friends and you will win the money if I end up dating one of them.
  • If you share it with a friend who ends up setting me up with someone, you will still get paid $2,000 and the person who directly set me up will get the $10,000.
  • The woman must be either in Southern California or be willing to live in Southern California (I don’t do long distance dating).
  • The dating timeframe is only counting the time that she is physically in southern California. If she comes here for 1 month, leaves for 3 months and comes back 3 months later, that’s not counted as 4 months of dating.
  • If the girl herself finds me and is not referred by anyone, I will give her the option of either donating the $10,000 to the charity of her choice or using it to travel with her to the place of her choosing.
  • If I am forced to move from SoCal in order to date someone, then there is no reward.  The point of the reward is to find someone in SoCal.

So, do you have someone in mind?