Young woman works hard as a construction worker to buy herself a house

Images by Viral4Real

Who says we can’t break the female gender stereotypes?

Well, as much as we want both male and female to share the same equal opportunities, there are still some debatable issues that feminists of today strive to win against or make a point on.

The most common one is that women are supposed to have “clean jobs” such as office secretaries that involves clerical, administrative services; while men should work in male-dominated industries and occupations.

However, nowadays, it isn’t really that much of a pressing issue in the society; as women tend to be as empowered as men or the former are more empowered than the latter, just like this young girl who engages herself in a masculine type of work.

With a goal to buy herself a house, Xiao Mei works hard as a laborer at a construction site. She said she doesn’t care if many think the job is only limited for men as she knows she’d be able to keep pace with them; and for as long as she’s earning enough money to achieve her dream, she’s more than happy to do it.

Photos of her while working – carrying bricks and sandbags – have surfaced online; giving inspiration to young women to be independent.

Just by merely looking at her physique, one could easily judge that she’s frail for the job; however, she remains tough to prove to everyone that it is only a matter of choice and motivation. Hers is driven by her goal to get herself her own house.

Xiao Mei now is an epitome of an empowered, independent woman whom everyone can look up to.