3 Chinese flight crew arrested after brawling in Singapore restaurant

Image via TripAdvisor

Xiamen Air confirmed that three of their flight crew were investigated by Singapore police after a fight during their meal.

According to the airline, after Flight MF855 landed on Saturday evening from Fuzhou to Singapore, the crew went to a hotel for a meal.

Unfortunately, three members of the flight crew were taken away by the police after they started brawling in the middle of eating their meal. The three men involved were the co-pilot, the purser and the safety officer.

The fight started with verbal disagreement between them and escalated quickly to physical blows which resulted to one of the men being hit in the head with a bottle according to Legal Evening News as disclosed in Asiaone.

The airline’s station in Singapore has been informed by the police on Sunday about the situation and the crew members have been released on bail but were advised to stay in Singapore until their scheduled court trial in early January.

Xiamen Air promised to improve its management of international flight crews, and would deal seriously with all rule violations.