Actresses Richard Gutierrez have and may have dated before

Image capture from Richard Gutierez' IG post
  • Richard Gutierrez dated Anne Curtis and Georgina Wilson before settling with Sarah Lahbati
  • He’s rumored to have dated four other stars: Marian Rivera, Angel Locsin, Michelle Madrigal, Ehra Madrigal
  • Richard will marry the mother of his son Zion, Sarah Lahbati, soon

Richard Gutierrez is among the actors who have maintained their great looks and strong charisma to the Philippine TV audiences. Despite having a baby and set to get married to Sarah Lahbati soon, many girls still aspire to get Chard’s attention.

Before his marriage with Sarah, let us take a look at the celebrities who were rumored to have been dated by Richard before; as it is not uncommon for celebrities to get linked to their co-workers. Here’s a list from Showbiz Trends:

1. Marian Rivera. The Kapuso Primetime Queen had two movies with Richard under GMA Films.

2. Angel Locsin. The two worked on numerous projects including the phenomenal Mulawin.

3. Ehra Madrigal. She’s Richard’s co-star in two soap operas aired on GMA.

4. Michelle Madrigal. Richard’s leading lady in the 2003 TV adaptation of Captain Barbell.


Moreover, there are actresses who were confirmed to have been dated by the King of Philippine TV Fantasy.

1. Georgina Wilson. She had a relationship with Richard until 2007.

2. Anne Curtis. The It’s Showtime host was dated by Richard way back 2004.

3. Sarah Lahbati. His current fiancee and mother of his son Zion; they are getting married soon.

What can you say about the dating life of Richard Gutierrez? Does it really take Gutz to be a Gutierrez as their family reality program claim? Comment below.

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