ATM dispenses P100 bills without face

Image by YouScopp's Facebook post

A netizen shared photos of her strange transaction on an automated teller machine (ATM) — this after she got  the surprise of her life concerning her withdrawal.

For who wouldn’t be stunned over faceless P100 bills that came out of an ATM?

Supposedly, the bills should have the image of the late President Manuel Roxas.

The photos posted Monday night on YouScoop as shared by a woman only identified as “Earla Anne”, shows the faceless hundred-peso bill, and also some missing letters from the phrases (REPUBLIKA) NG PILIPINAS and SANDA(ANG PISO).

According to an article by GMA news, the bank involved has already been informed of the incident and has promised to conduct an investigation, while the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has yet to give a statement regarding the strange incident.

Watch this video shared by GMA News via YouTube: