Bossing Vic Sotto wants to try Indie films

Image via Vic Sotto's Instagram account

Vic Sotto, better known as Bossing nationwide, is famous for his cheesy jokes in television shows and movies. He’s one of the most iconic comedians in the 70s and to this day remains just as relevant.

Another one of Vic’s iconic movies made this year’s Metro Manila Film Fest entries and a rookie director was in charge of it.

A week before the showing date, during a pocket conference of the movie ‘Meant To Beh’ where Vic stars alongside Dawn Zulueta, Bossing admitted that he wants to work with new directors for his next projects. He believes that the new directors have fresh ideas and therefore brings something new to the table.

He also commended Indie film directors for being really disciplined because they manage time well without sacrificing the quality of the work; mentioning Bb Joyce Bernal, Marlon Rivera and his director on his latest movie, Chris Martinez.

Vic also discussed about being open to do Indie films. He shared that he has received a lot of offers but due to time constraints between taping his noontime show ‘Eat Bulaga’ from Monday to Saturday and another one called ‘Bossing and Ai’, he really couldn’t commit to anything. He still hopes he can do one in the future.

Vic also mentioned something about taking a different path other than comedy which is kind of hard to separate from since it’s been his label ever since but regardless he wants to do serious-themed stories with lighthearted comedies in between like the movies of Hollywood actor Robin Williams and Steve Carell.

He confirmed that the Enteng Kabisote franchise is over. According to him he wants to explore a different phase in his career. He recognizes the fact that the audience wants something new and Enteng Kabisote doesn’t cater to this generation’s demands anymore so he believes changing the type of films they create is the best option.







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