Cool, humble drivers experience a different kind of “road rage”

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“I was going too fast, it’s my fault. That’s why you didn’t see me,” said one of them, while “Sorry, you sure you’re ok?” said the other. 

Well, if only drivers in the Philippines, or any other country, would learn to “keep their cool” like that, perhaps the roads, if not the world, would at least be a better place.

In a video titled “Real Canadian Road Rage” shared last month by Only in Canada via Facebook and  Y N G C L O U D on YouTube, a motorcycle rider’s footage shows he was riding on a not-busy street when suddenly a car from a T-intersection on his right moved towards his opposite direction/lane.

Fortunately, the biker was quick enough that he was able to avoid the car despite his speed.

What we usually anticipate on all videos bearing the “road rage” are rage-inducing things are about to get nastier when the rider either u-turns to confront the other or steps down from his vehicle to go to the other.

But what happened next was the complete opposite of what a road “rage” usually denotes.

The driver of the car approached the biker, hands up; saying “are you alright?”

And the biker replied: “It’s ok… you didn’t see me.”

Car (driver): “Are you sure? Take a deep breath, I’m very sorry.”

Bike (driver): “Thank you for stopping, it’s ok, thank you. I was going too fast that’s my fault. Thank you for stopping, sir, you have a good morning.”

A short exchange of words took place which included: “take care,” and “slow down” and “have a good day” then the two enjoyed one of the best gestures invented: a handshake.

The incident was believed to have happened somewhere in Canada although some netizens’ comments claim it’s in the United States, but whatever or wherever, it’s a good reminder that brings such a good vibe for all, especially now that road rage videos are getting rampant, fuelling our prides. In the Philippines alone, more than five road rage incidents have gone viral in just the month of December. Which ones have you watched?

Watch the video shared by Only in Canada via Facebook or  Y N G C L O U D ??? via YouTube: