“Cremated” man returns home to his family’s astonishment seven months later

Image from Thai PBS
  • A man “cremated” seven months ago returned home to his family
  • The man’s family thought he was a ghost
  • The man said he wants the official records that said he died on May 18 changed

The family of a 44-year-old man in Thailand were stunned after he returned home seven months after they “cremated” him.

According to Bangkok Post, Sakorn Sacheewa casually walked into his home in Ban Lao Fai of tambon Lao Khwang in Non Khun district last week.

Sakorn was expecting that his family would be glad for his return because he was away for two years working on a fishing boat in another part of the country. During these two years, he had never once contacted his family. However, his family was shocked upon seeing him. They thought he was a ghost.

Why? Because seven months ago, the family cremated a body of man they thought was Sakorn.

In May, the police contacted the family after the discovery of “Sakorn’s” remains inside a rented house in Bangkok and were told to collect the body, which was then cremated three days later.

Sakorn explained to his family that his identification card was stolen by his Burmese co-worker who ran away.

Authorities said they will try to determine the identity of the body that was cremated. Meanwhile, Sakorn said he wants the official records that said he died on May 18 changed.