Drug dealer in Copenhagen hops into police car after mistaking it for taxi

Image capture of video by YG Mods
  • A drug dealer in Copenhagen mistook a police car for a taxi
  • In a rush to get home, the man hopped into the police car
  • The police immediately arrested the man who was carrying 1,000 joints

A male drug dealer who was apparently in a hurry to get home hopped inside a police car after mistaking it for a taxi cab.

On Twitter, a police said the man was carrying at least a thousand joints or rolled cannabis cigarettes when he jumped into the “taxi” where police officers were sitting.

“Last night a cannabis dealer from Christiania who wanted to get home quickly got into a taxi. He received a big surprise when he realized it was actually a police car he was sitting in,” police wrote in Danish.

“The surprise was great when he discovered that it was a police car. The police officers were happy to see him, since he was carrying around 1,000 joints,” the police added.

According to The Sun, the arrest took place at the hippy area of Copenhagen in Denmark called Christiania where police are clamping down on drugs. The area has a long history of openly trading drugs.

The suspect could face a custodial sentence, according to the police.