FDA: Foods must have ‘expiration date’ even if it has ‘best before’ date

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  • FDA said food products must have expiration date
  • FDA’s food-drug regulation officer explained the difference between the expiration date and best before date
  • Food products after its ‘best before’ date can still be consumed

Food-drug regulation officer of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Timothy Mendoza said manufactured or processed products must have an expiration date even if it has ‘best before’ date.

According to Mendoza, as per ABS-CBN News, expiration date indicates the last day the product can be safely consumed while best before does not.

In a Liebherr story, it says that food products that have passed its best before date may just have lost its freshness, taste, aroma, or nutrients but do not necessarily mean it’s expired. Consumers have to trust their senses (smell, sight, taste) to determine if the product is still edible.

Food products that are close to or have passed it’s ‘best before’ date are sold, usually at a discounted price.

The Philippine Food Chamber (PFC), meanwhile, follows FDA’s expiration date rules.

PFC spokesperson Atty. Ricky Salvador said consumers buying China or Japan products can’t read the instructions.

Manufacturers translate the information from other languages to Filipino or English.

Best before date is accepted in the international market. Importers need to put an expiration date once the product reaches the country.

Watch this video from the University of Manitoba for more information about expiration date and best before date: