Jollibike? Famous Filipino fast food tries bicycle delivery

Image by Jollibee, Mommy Blogger Pehpot's Facebook post

Jollibee, one of the top-selling home-grown fast food chains tried to be eco-friendly in its delivery service as their riders hopped on bicycles in key cities in Metro Manila.

Arline Adeva, Jollibee’s AVP for Brand Communications and PR told ABS CBN News that the ‘Jollibee Bike Delivery Service,’ which was launched last November, serviced selected stores in Ortigas, Makati, and BGC.

Aside from those areas, it is also available in Laguna, Cavite and Metro Cebu.

According to the Jollibee official, the primary advantage of using bikes is to lessen carbon emission especially in CBDs (central business districts) where it’s highly congested.

“We are the first to launch the Jollibee Bike Delivery Service in the Philippines and so far, we are the only one exploring the service,” Adeva said.

There are currently 40 fat bikes (with fat tires) roaming through traffic-laden streets to deliver hot chickenjoys and jolly hotdogs in areas near select branches.

To ensure top-notch food quality, Adeva said the bikes were customized for stable travel and equipped with dust-proof and water-proof thermal bags .

Aside from being eco-friendly and prioritizing food quality, the riders’ safety were also focused on, with road safety trainings, and of course, personal protective equipment like helmets and reflectors were provided.

“We also conduct trainings for our riders to ensure they understand speed limits, making use of the bike lanes, and also to use their blinkers at night time,” Adeva said.