Kris Aquino says she doesn’t have any wish this Christmas

Image via Kris Aquino's Instagram account

Kris Aquino seems to have evaded the limelight for quite a while; however, the multimedia star didn’t stay dull.

She is active in many non-showbiz activities like opening new branches of her fast food chain business before this year ends.

During her interview with PEP, the 46-year old actress revealed that this is the only Christmas season wherein she doesn’t really have any wish since she is very grateful for what she has right now.

Although Kris doesn’t have a TV show or program yet, she has received many other showbiz opportunities. Just this week, Kris closed four new endorsements. She will also be starring in two new movies this coming year 2018.

Kris revealed some details about her upcoming movies. She said that one of her movie commitments is with iFlix, which would perhaps be a horror movie. Her other movie would be directed by Chris Martinez. She enthusiastically revealed that the movie project with Director Martinez is very exciting since the role she will be playing is something new.

Aside from that, she will also be spending her Christmas in her new mansion in Quezon City. It is her latest addition to her real estate properties such as expensive condo units in Makati City and many others.

These are just some of Kris’s reasons why she couldn’t ask for anything more this Christmas.

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