LTO to decide in January whether to suspend or not Interior’s license

Image capture of video via Joshua Baluyot's Facebook account

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is scheduled to decide in January, 2018 whether to suspend or not the license of the woman motorist who was reported to have allegedly hit a cab driver during a traffic altercation that happened last week in Quezon City.

Head of the LTO’s law enforcement service, Francis Ray Almora, said they have submitted a resolution wherein taxi driver Virgilio Doctor is requesting that Cherish Sharmaine Interior’s license be revoked for her supposed “uncontrollable temper.”

According to Inquirer, Interior was not present during the LTO’s hearing of her case on Wednesday where “security and safety” concerns were cited.

However, she pointed out in her submitted position paper that she “never stopped or physically hurt” Doctor. The statement read: “She only pointed her finger at him when she extended her hand inside the window of the taxi.”

Both parties filed cases against each other of unjust vexation and slight physical injuries following their traffic altercation along Congressional Avenue in Barangay Bahay Toro.

A part of the incident was video recorded by a bystander which has gone viral. It showed Interior supposedly hit Doctor in the face, and who was later seen walking out of his cab; limping towards the side of the street.

Interior claimed that it was Doctor who was “driving recklessly” and that she was just “merely trying to avoid any harm that may befall her and her family, especially her minor children, due to the imprudent driving” of the taxi driver.

“[Her] reaction … is but a natural reaction of a person who is trying to protect her children from possible harm and injury,” her camp said.