Maine Mendoza is back: Her new posts goes viral, AlDub returns on Twitter trends

Image capture from Maine's IG post
  • Maine Mendoza’s back on social media; her new posts went viral
  • She posted a photo of her on a roller coaster ride on December 26
  • Fans expressed their excitement towards Maine’s return on EB, said they missed her much

Yes! The Phenomenal Star and Dubsmash Queen is back!

Maine Mendoza has returned as one of the country’s leading social media magnet after a long vacation. Her new social media posts went viral and hashtags related to AlDub returned on Twitter trends.

In a recent Twitter post, Maine shared a photo of her while on a roller coaster ride, and it reached likes near 31,000 with 5,400 hearts.

“Added to my fav roller coasters list: Cheetah Hunt and SheiKra  cuz both got me like.. #BuschGardens #rollercoastersgalore,” the actress captioned.

Likewise, hashtags pertaining to AlDub kicked social media again since last week.

The trending posts from Maine and ‘AlDub’ depict that her fame and her fans are still there.

A flashback; the queen posted a controversial open letter followed by her absences on the noontime show.

In the letter she revealed her feelings and sentiments being a star to the fans who supported her.

Some piece of good news though was shared last week after her manager said that she will be back on the Eat Bulaga! stage this New Year’s day — and fans are anticipating. The new trends might be their kick-off to spread that their idol’s back.

Here are some tweets from fans”

“Bumalik na ulit ang makulit na bibi Menggay ?? Nakakamiss lalo  #ALDUBLongingHearts” [The ** Maine is back. I missed you much.]

“We missed you Maine. Balik ka na sa TV.” [Return on TV.]

“Naisip ko din yun…Paano? nice shots! miss you Maine & ur bff together!?
#ALDUBLongingHearts” [We miss you Maine and your best friend together.]