Meet PO1 Jane Lee, the pretty lady cop from Zamboanga

Images from Unofficial: Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa Solid Supporters Facebook page

MANILA, Philippines – As jokes would have it, not all pretty ladies enter showbiz; others joined the police force.

It could be a running joke, but there are certainly beautiful lady cops to prove it is true.

Meet Police Officer 1 Jane Lee from Zamboanga Police force. Lee is currently a police relations personnel of the Regional Public Safety Battalion 9 based in the city.

According to the website Viral4Real, Lee is already a mother-of-four and is dubbed by FHM as one of the most beautiful lady cops in the country.

Jane’s dream of being a police officer was initially rejected by her father, who was himself a former cop. She eventually managed to convince her father she wanted to follow in his footsteps when she reached 30.

“He didn’t want my siblings and me to experience what he had gone through when he joined the service; he said it was tough and he was afraid that we wouldn’t be able to make it,” she told FHM.

“I was already 30 years old when I finally convinced him and joined the force. I can say I was lucky to be able to do it,” Jane said.

Jane became viral on social media after FHM posted a video of her as among the prettiest faces in the police force.

The others are P02 Ney-Ney Macaranas, P01 Marriel Tajonera, P01 Jeanne Cayabyab, and PS1 Sofia Loren Deliu.

Watch the video below: