NEEDS HELP: Viral 79-year-old Lolo who sells candies for a living in Baguio City now confined in hospital

Image capture from Zoe Nicole's FB post
  • Senior citizen lives in a house made of plywood and rusty galvanized iron sheets, with lots of garbage
  • “Lolo Kendi” sells candies in Baguio City to live
  • The team of kind teenagers bought groceries for the elderly and he knows not how to express his happiness

A 79-year-old candy seller in Baguio City is living in an abode made of plywood and rusty galvanized iron sheets, surrounded by garbage.  Zoe Nicole shared the pitiful story of the elder she tagged as “Lolo Kendi” via a Facebook post last week.

According to Zoe, Lolo has four children but all of them are jobless; leaving him with no choice but to fend for himself despite his old age in order to live.

“Eh mahirap ang buhay eh,”  he said after Zoe’s group asked what makes him still work at his age. [Life is hard.]

The team later noticed that the senior has two kinds of candies left to sell in his small basket, and the food he’s eating seem to have been leftovers for quite some time.

Seeing his condition, they bought groceries for Lolo Kendi which overwhelmed the old man.  He couldn’t express his exceeding joy as he checked on the groceries, undecided on what to touch first. They told him to rest for the day.

They took the senior to his home, after suggesting to ride a taxi, but he insisted on walking and they did.

“Sa unang tingin mo sa kanya, hindi mo agad mapapansin kung ano talaga ang kalagayan at katayuan niya sa buhay. Tsaka lang mahahaplos ang mga puso niyo once na napabili kayo sa kanya. Kumbaga, pinto ng kanyang buhay yung mismong tinda nya, kung pano siya nabubuhay, kung paano siya lumalaban sa buhay.” posted the kind lady.

[You won’t immediately notice his status. Your heart will be touched when you buy. What he sells, that is the door to his life, to his struggles.]

Later in the post, she expressed her admiration for the old man who has no complains living without electricity, without appliances, no comfort room, no bathroom. His house is full of garbage, she said, but he manages to live.

She added, people who eat thrice a day are far luckier than the senior’s own predicament.

“Lolo Kendi” needs help, the post continues, and concerned citizens may  contact Zoe via Facebook or bring it directly to the beneficiary. Help came, she said.

However, after visiting Lolo Kendi at his dwelling place, they found him sick and unable to eat. Hence, they contacted Marian, a Kapamilya writer based in Baguio, for some help.

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Facebook, KAMI