Pia recalls how they couldn’t afford a Christmas feast before: “Parang ordinary day lang”

Images by Pia Wurtzbach via Instagram account

Pia Wurtzbach revealed that prior to her fame, there was a time when they spent Christmas like any other ordinary day because they didn’t have much.

The 2015 Miss Universe shared on Magandang Buhay that when her parents separated and she became the breadwinner, they didn’t consider Christmas as a holiday because they were tight on budget; saying:  “Noong naghiwalay ‘yung parents ko tapos ako na ‘yung breadwinner ng family, parang hindi na namin kino-consider as a holiday talaga ‘yung Pasko kasi tight talaga ‘yung budget.”

Pia added that they treated Christmas like an ordinary day, “Parang normal na araw lang ‘yung Christmas sa amin dati.”

She even told a story of how one Christmas she was just lying in bed as she listened to their neighbors celebrate. She said:  “Meron akong memory na naririnig ko nagsasaya ‘yung mga tao sa labas tapos wala kaming handa at nasa bed lang ako.”

The beauty queen also revealed that even when she was crowned Miss Universe back in 2015 and was in New York, she still felt lonely on Christmas day.

“Noong Christmas na nanalo ako, December 21 ‘yun, nilipad nila ako agad sa New York. Siyempre ‘yung staff ng Miss Universe, nagbakasyon. So mag-isa lang ako sa Miss Universe apartment ng Christmas at New Year. Wala talaga akong kasama.”

[On December 21st the year I won, they flew me to New York. All the Miss Universe staff were on vacation. So, I was left all alone at my apartment on Christmas and New Year. No one was there with me.]

This year though, she plans to spend Christmas with her family. Pia looks forward to visiting her mom in London after watching her MMFF movie, The Revenger Squad.

Here’s an excerpt video of Pia’s interview in Magandang Buhay from ABS-CBN’s Youtube channel.