PNP chief Bato: Only bad guys fear martial law

  • Top cop brushed off fears of nationwide martial law
  • He said people in Mindanao are fine with martial rule, claimed it’s only the bad guys who fear it
  • He also said he will have to hold off of any recommendation for now though

MANILA, Philippines  –  Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa allayed fears of nationwide martial law; saying those who oppose it should ask the people of Mindanao if they are afraid of martial rule.

“Hindi ko siya (President Rodrigo Duterte) papangunahan. Anyway, takot na takot ba kayo sa martial law? Punta kayo sa Mindanao tanong kayo sa mga tao run kung sila natatakot sa martial law. Wala man,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying.

[I won’t preempt President Rodrigo Duterte. Anyway, why are you so afraid of martial law? Go to Mindanao and ask the people if they’re afraid of martial law. No one is.]

“My assurance to the people of the Visayas and Luzon is that look at martial law in Mindanao. It will satisfy everything,” he added. “O kaya [Or how about] you ask the Mindanaoans, how do you feel about martial law, bago kayo mag-oppose o matakot [before you oppose or become afraid].”

According to Dela Rosa, it was only the bad guys who would be afraid of martial law.

“My neighbors, friends, relatives will say wala namang pagbabago. Sa mga peace-loving people walang pagbabago kung may martial law o wala sa Mindanao. The same. Pero sa mga masasamang tao malaki ang epekto sa kanila,” he said.  “Their movements are restricted. Their diskarte is limited at karamihan sa kanila nagtatago. ‘Yun ang epekto ng martial law sa Mindanao.”

[My neighbors, friends, relatives will say nothing’s change. To the peace-loving people nothing’s changed whether there is martial law or not in Mindanao. The same. But for the bad people it has a huge effect on them. Their movements are restricted. Their schemes are limited and many of them are in hiding. That’s the effect of martial law in Mindanao.]

At the same time, Dela Rosa stressed he would not make any recommendations for the imposition of martial law nationwide as he has yet to receive his subordinates’ reports.

“It is my obligation to recommend it to the President,” he said, if he finds his regional directors also support such a measure.