Report sexual harassment through a Facebook chat with Gabriela’s bot

Image from Gabbie's Facebook Page
  • Gabriela launches a bot that assists victims of sexual harassment
  • Victims may now report via Facebook chat with bot Gabbie
  • Gabbie will process the case details into a Harassment Form

The Philippines has been performing well when it comes to gender equality at work and in education. But much has yet to be done on the issue of freedom from sexual harassment.

In an effort to curb this, women’s rights group Gabriela launched a Facebook chat bot that will help you report cases of sexual harassment.

Introducing Gabbie. A woman who has been assaulted just have to go to the Gabbie Facebook page and hit the message button.

Gabbie will ask the victim details about the incident and the answers will be processed in a Harassment Form that can be sent directly to authorities – the government or even a company’s human resources division.

If you are just looking for information about laws protecting women in the Philippines, Gabbie can also assist you via chat.

You may access the page by searching GabbybyGabriela on Facebook.

Here’s the Facebook page for those who may want to try it out:

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