Users can win thousands of dollars! Live trivia game show HQ will be on Android OS… soon

Image capture from HQ Trivia on Twitter
  • Popular live trivia game show HQ is coming to Android OS soon; pre-registration have started
  • The prizes from the game has increased to thousands of dollars, and the company’s dedicated to make it millions
  • HQ Trivia on a Twitter post: “HQ for Android is coming. Pre-register now on Google Play Store”

Want to take part in a live trivia contest where you can win cash prizes amounting to thousands of dollars?

No worries, an iOS game soon solves the problem and it’ll be available for Android devices very soon.

The popular iOS live trivia game show HQ will soon be available to Android users and pre-registration is now available on the Google Play Store; The Verge posted on December 24.

Creators of the game shared the good news via Twitter post, “HQ for Android is coming. Pre-register now on Google Play Store.”

HQ, as per its iTunes page, is a live trivia game show with cash prizes where users can join epic multiplayer games competing for a spot on the leaderboard, and the winning prize can be cashed out via PayPal.

Users can tune in twice a day, as per The Verge, at 3 PM and 9 PM EST to answer the questions and win prizes.

The prizes have increased from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands.

As of posting, the company is looking for a way to raise the incentives of up to $80-$100-million from venture capitalists.

Vine co-founders Rus Yusupov and Colin Krollne created the company.

There’s no exact date when the official release of the game on the PlayStore will be.