[Video] Ed Sheeran and Beyonce’s duet of ‘Perfect’ gets millions of views, trends on YouTube

Images via Ed Sheeran's Facebook page, Ed Sheeran's YouTube video, and Beyonce's Facebook page

The audio of Ed Sheeran and Beyonce’s duet of the song “Perfect” is now making rounds online since it was posted on YouTube; getting millions of views and a lot of positive comments.

Ed uploaded the video of his duet with Beyonce on his YouTube account. As of posting, it is no. 13 on the Trending list, and also has almost ten million views and going to 700,000 likes.

“This is truly PERFECT!” KL commented.

“This song was amazing and now with Beyonce it’s even more amazing,” A wrote.

“Who would’ve known that Beyonce and Ed Sheeran would sound so flawless! Such a great masterpiece flew past us in a blink of an eye. GOOD JOB, Ed & Queen B!” said MC.

Listen to the duet of singers Ed Sheeran and Beyonce:

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