With a single tweet, teenage girl saves father’s ailing bakery business

Image from Jesse G. via Yelp

• A girl helped her father’s ailing bakery business with a single tweet
• 18-year-old Jackie Garza said 1 retweet could bring potential customers
• The tweet has gone viral and the bakery business has been booming since then

A high school senior girl saved her father’s ailing bakery business, which was on the brink of closing shop, by harnessing the power of social media. With a single tweet, the girl turned around the bakery’s fortunes.

Two years ago, the girl’s parents opened La Casa Bakery and Café in Houston, but business slowed after Houston was hit by Hurricane Harvey last September. Her father thought of selling the business; in fact, he said he even had an offer.

The girl begged her father not to sell the bakery.

18-year-old Jackie Garza took to Twitter and posted a video of her father while making breads in the bakery. She pleaded with social media users to share the video; saying 1 retweet could bring potential customers.

“Hey yall my dad has a little panaderia/restaurant. He makes all of the pan dulce himself. He been thinking about closing but I cant let that happen, spred the word 1 rt could bring in a potential customer!” she wrote in the caption, along with the restaurant’s address.

Fox News said the tweet has gone viral with more than 1.1 million views, 48,000 likes and almost 60,000 retweets since Jackie posted the message.

Business has been booming since then. On its Twitter account, La Casa Bakery shared a photo of empty trays and captioned it with: “Twitter did that.”