Woman in viral road rage also sues cabbie, claims he was the bully

Image capture from Zeibiz's YouTube video
  • Woman who had a traffic row with taxi driver filed a complaint against him in fiscal’s office
  • She sued him for unjust vexation and slight physical injuries
  • She claimed he was the aggressor, was just playing the victim

MANILA, Philippines – The woman who was recorded having a heated exchange with a taxi driver in Quezon City has filed her own case against him on the ground it was him who allegedly acted as the aggressor in their confrontation.

Staffers of the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office confirmed to the Philippine Daily Inquirer that Cherish Sharmaine Interior filed unassisted by counsel a complaint for unjust vexation and slight physical injuries against 52-year-old taxi driver Virgilio Doctor on Monday afternoon.

In her complaint, the 32-year-old call center supervisor said she, her husband, and their children were on their way to a Christmas party when Doctor’s taxi almost collided with their vehicle along Congressional Avenue on Sunday morning.

“There was an incoming SUV that I allowed to pass. Along the way, in front of Emnace Grill, the cab driver kept a close distance and because there was a parked car nearby, he almost hit my car,” she claimed.

Interior said they eventually managed to corner Doctor and confront him for his supposedly reckless driving.

“My husband spoke to his female passenger and she confirmed that Doctor was driving too fast,” she said.

Interior claimed that Doctor bumped her knee as he tried to drive away and only began playing the victim when many onlookers came to check them out.

“Doctor tried to escape so I blocked him, but he kept driving and hit my knee. When my husband told me to get back to our car, I pointed at him, with my hand reaching into his car,” she said. “When he stepped out of his taxi, he started acting as if I had hit him, because he saw someone taking a video.”