9-year-old boy with cancer takes school exam despite being confined in hospital

Image via China Daily's Facebook account

• 9-year-old boy, Xu Yuntao, took his school exam while in the hospital
• He was diagnosed with intestinal cancer
• The boy’s eagerness has helped his parents financially through funds from his school and an online platform

There are many reasons why some children are missing out on their primary education right now. Poverty, child labor, and sometimes, the child’s own decision not to go to school. Others would just prefer to stay at home, wear their pajamas and play video games the whole day.

On the other hand, there are those who are still desperate to be sitting in a classroom every day to learn; just like the case of a young boy in China. However, his situation is different.

Instead of giving in to his illness while confined in a hospital, this determined boy insisted on taking an end-of-term exam while recovering in bed because he did not want to miss it.

9-year-old boy, Xu Yuntao, from Quzhou, Zhejiang province, was unfortunately diagnosed with lower intestinal cancer.

According to Asia One, he has had an operation at Zhejiang Children’s Hospital and is still expecting more surgeries to follow.

Although Xu was still experiencing chronic pain from surgical scars, he asked his mother to bring him books like The Little Prince and to contact his teacher so he would be able to take the same exam while in the hospital.

His undeniable pain would usually let him only sit for 20 minutes a day but he stayed in this position for 70 minutes just for the test.

He got a score of 95 on the exam. Xu, however, was not satisfied and wanted to check his mistakes. “This is my final test for the semester, and I don’t want the class to be held back by me,” he said.

This child’s enthusiasm has brought inspiration and touched the hearts of many.

Aside from the 50,000 yuan (Php 400,000) donation from his school, an online charitable fundraising platform, qschou.com, has raised 60,000 yuan (Php 480,000) for his hospital bills. It’s abig help for Xu’s parents who’s under financial pressure for their son’s treatment that would most likely cost at least 400,000 yuan (3 million pesos), according to his mother.

So many people pitched it because he is an inspiration himself.

Image via China Daily’s Facebook account