AlDub fever: Maine Mendoza returns to EB, #ALDUB2018 leads Twitter trends

Image capture from Maine Mendoza's Twitter post
  • Maine Mendoza returned to Eat Bulaga
  • #ALDUB2018 led Philippine Twitter trends on January 1
  • Fans warmly welcomed the Phenomenal Star

The Phenomenal Star Maine Mendoza has returned to Eat Bulaga on New Year’s Day, and fans warmly welcomed her via making the #ALDUB2018 number one on Twitter trends.

The EB hosts, as per a PEP post, welcomed Maine in the show’s opening number — then she went back as host in the segment “Juan For All, All For Juan” along with Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, Anjo Yllana, Jimmy Santos, and Paolo Ballesteros.

Senator Tito Sotto, who was in the studio with the actress’ love team Alden Richards, asked her in jest if she can still speak Tagalog since she had been in Miami, USA during her vacation.

“A little bit, Tito Sen! Siyempre naman, Tito Sen! Tagalog na Tagalog!”  she responded. [Of course Tito Sen.]

Following her return, Maine posted a photo of herself with the JoWaPao whom she addressed as her beloved brothers.

“Ang swerte ko lang na nakakasama ko sila araw-araw. Hay, mga mahal kong kuya! Namiss ko kayo sobra sobra!” [I am lucky to be with them again everyday. My beloved brothers. I missed you much.]

Fans, moreover, welcomed the phenomenal star with a number one spot on Twitter for #ALDUB2018 and word “Maine” was also on the trending list, according to LionhearTV.

Here are some welcome messages from fans:

“Welcome back Maine! Na-miss ka din ng mga nagmamahal at humahanga sa iyo kagaya ko.” [Welcome back Maine! You were missed by those who love and admire you like me.]

“Welcome home. Masaya na ulit ang EB” [EB’s happy again.]

“Namiss ka talaga Maine. Salamat sa Diyos at nagbalik ka na sa EB. We’re praying for more blessings for you this 2018. No matter how they try to pull you down, God’s always there to lift you up and shield you dahil wala kang tinatapakang tao. They have no power over Him, God loves you, Maine!” [We missed you Maine. Thank God and you’re back.]

Here’s the January 1st episode of Eat Bulaga’s Juan for All: All for Juan: