Apartment in Pasig robbed of appliance, gadgets, cash and … a cute puppy

Image capture of video by ABS CBN News via YouTube, Ella Tabamo's Facebook post
  • An apartment in Pasig City was robbed on Saturday
  • Like any typical robbing incident, several appliances and valuables were missing, including the victim family’s dog

An apartment unit in Brgy. Caniogan, Pasig City was robbed on Saturday afternoon.

CCTV footage showed 2 helmet-wearing men enter a 3-story apartment.

They were seen unsuspectingly climbing up and down the stairs, while some residents were passing by.

The suspects headed straight to the 3rd floor and were greeted by a cute puppy.

The thieves stole a wallet, a backpack containing gadgets and an expensive watch, a box containing a 34-inch TV and lastly, “Coco”, the dog.

The victims are wondering how the crooks were able to pinpoint their target easily and why they headed straight to their unit in the 3rd floor.

The victims are also begging for the suspects to return “Coco” because the 6-month-old dog is like a member of their family and they treat it as a sibling.

According to ABS CBN News, the incident was the fourth of its kind this month of Januray.

The Police, for its part, are continuing its investigations.

Watch this video shared by ABS CBN via YouTube: