Chinese boy’s love for Kung-fu accidentally sets 40 E-bikes on fire

Image capture of video via CGTN's YouTube account
  • Chinese boy forgot to blow off a lit candle while trying out kung-fu moves
  • The boy’s negligence cost his family over $15,000 after accidentally burning 40 E-bikes

A Chinese boy’s negligence cost his parents over $15,000 after accidentally burning 40 e-bikes while trying out a move from the martial art.

According to NDTV, surveillance footage has revealed that the fire was a result of negligence by a boy who was trying out Kung Fu moves inside what appeared to be a parking complex.

CCTV footage shows the unsupervised boy lighting up a candle kept on an e-bike. Trying to recreate Kung Fu moves seen on screen, he thrusts his hands towards the candle, presumably to put it out with his palms.

However, the boy apparently lost interest putting out the fire with his palm and  forgot about it being still lit.

A bike catches fire and the flames quickly grew bigger, soon spreading across the entire complex, the report pointed out.

The footage also shows firemen trying to put out the fire. The burnt bikes were found the next day, after the fire was put out.

Luckily, no person was reported injured in the fire accident.

Watch the news video footage by CGTN below.