Distraught boy vandalizes car, ‘carves’ dad’s phone number on the side to make him come home

Images from Sina
  • A boy in China was left in the care of his relatives after his father got a job in another state
  • He became lonely and depressed since his dad would visit him only after several months
  • The boy then decided to vandalize a car to make his father come home

It may not be the best way to get a parent’s attention, but what this boy did surely worked for him as per his expectations.

A 17-year-old boy in China named Fan was left in the care of a relative after his parents divorced a few years ago. He was placed in his father’s custody but the latter has to work in another state miles away.

While the father managed to earn sufficiently from his job and supports his son quite well, the arrangement, however, does not work in son’s favor.

His dad would only visit him after several months and this made the boy lonely and frustrated. He terribly missed his father especially after seeing many of his friend’s family being reunited for the holiday season.

The boy tried to call his father and begged him to come home, but the latter couldn’t due to his busy work schedule. Instead he just sent money to his son to splurge on whatever gadget he wants; obviously, believing that would be enough to make up for his absence.

The father was wrong.