DOT plans to make Philippines a “religious destination” for pilgrims worldwide

Image by Regina Rica via Facebook page
  • The Department of Tourism aims to restore several religious sites in the country
  • The DOT plans to make the country a leading “religious pilgrimage destination” 
  • They plan to make “spiritual tour packages” that will hopefully attract pilgrims all over the world

The Department of Tourism is venturing into a new project that will hopefully help boost the country’s tourism. They announced their plans to make the country a destination for pilgrims all over the world.

The plans include restoring and developing old churches and historical shrines nationwide and turn the country into a “religious pilgrimage destination.”

Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo’s statement was quoted by ABS-CBN, “The Philippines is an ideal destination of religious pilgrimage, not only for sightseeing but to actually experience time-honored Filipino traditions dating back to pre-Spanish era, and then the Christianization.”

“In South Korea alone, the Philippines’ top tourist market, there are five million Catholics while there are 800,000 in Malaysia; 500,000 in Japan; 200,000 in Thailand, and 185,000 in Singapore,” the statement continued.

The DOT is also coordinating with tour operators to craft “spiritual tour packages” for the “6.6 million Catholic faithful in Asia.

The DOT has yet to release their final list of destination but just a few hours outside of Manila alone, there are already several religious sites perfect for reflection and spiritual experiences. To name a few, we have the Regina Rica in Tanay, Rizal, Banal Na Bunduk Dalan Ning Krus, Mt. Arayat in Pampanga, and many others.