Elmo Magalona recounts Janella Salvador’s wardrobe malfunction on the set of new movie

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  • Elmo Magalona recalled the time when actress Janella Salvador experienced wardrobe malfunction
  • Janella was wearing her mermaid costume when it accidentally fell off
  • In a separate interview, Janella explained how the incident happened

Elmo Magalona was on the set of his new movie My Fairy Tail Love Story when his leading lady Janella Salvador had a wardrobe malfunction while wearing her mermaid costume.

Janella’s seashell-shaped costume accidentally fell from her breasts while shooting underwater.

In a recent interview as per a story shared by Pep, Elmo recalled how they were in the beach, and she [Janella] was swimming in the middle of the sea when it happened.

He said luckily, she had a lifebuoy with her which she used to help cover herself.

In a separate interview, Janella explained that initially, her mermaid costume was attached only through a silicon to her body so when she went swimming, the mixture of sweat and saltwater caused the material to detach.

The staff then changed Janella’s costume after the incident.

My Fairy Tail Love Story is an upcoming musical movie directed by Percy Intalan under Regal Films where Janella plays Chantel, the protagonist who one day woke up with a mermaid tail. Elmo takes the character of Noel, Chantel’s best friend with hidden feelings for her.

The movie will be released in Cinemas in time for this year’s Valentine’s Day. Watch the full trailer below:

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