Gatchalian not sorry for Twitter meltdown against ‘paid’ trolls

Image from Sherwin Gatchalian's Facebook account
  • Senator won’t apologize for his outburst against social media
  • He said he won’t say sorry to those he berated since they are ‘paid’ to attack him anyway
  • He also lamented the use of social media as a tool to destroy public officials

MANILA, Philippines  –  Sen. Sherwin Gatchalian remained unapologetic over his infamous meltdown on Twitter; saying he won’t say sorry to those he berated since they were ‘paid’ to attack him anyway.

“These are paid individuals, robots that are designed to destroy you and bring out the worst in you. So why will I apologize to these people who are designed to bring out the worst in you? I will not issue an apology,” ABS-CBN quoted him as saying.

“Before, I would engage but talagang nagtitimpi ako [I was hesitant] to curse or nagtitimpi ako [I was considering] to say more things—I just ignore and engage as much as possible. But hindi mo ma-engage eh [you can’t engage them all]. If there are 50 different accounts coming in, barraging you with insults, profanities, paano mo ie-engage sila [how can you engage them]?” he added.

Gatchalian chastised several of his Twitter followers who called him a turncoat for criticizing the previous administration when he had praised it in the past; saying they were stupid and retarded.

According to the senator, his remarks were blown out of proportion—something which has also happened to his family.

“What really hurt me was that they were only capturing one aspect of my opinion and turning it into a big lie and throwing it at you, which is not correct naman,” he said. “This selective justice also happened to us, our family, my brothers, and this is from my personal experience. And hindi lang sa akin ito ha, marami ring naka-experience nito [this has not happened only to me, many have experienced it too]. This is a lengthy debate, a lengthy discussion, but that’s my top of mind, those words came in my mind when this article came out.”

Gatchalian also pointed out that social media has now become a tool to disparage public officials on a personal level.

“This is really a sad part of social media and the free market of ideas and comments because this arena now became a weapon (of) mass destruction for public servants and against public officials,” he said.