‘Ghost Fighter’ smartphone game to be released this year

Image by Yu Yu Hakusho
  • A “Yu Yu Hakusho” smartphone game (popularly known in the Philippines as Ghost Fighter) is underway
  • The game’s release will be any time this 2018

Ghost Fighter-inspired smartphone games are currently being developed by several game makers. Well, if they’ve already started it, Filipino fans would have to say in husky monster voice: Tapusin! Tapusin! Tapusin!

Japanese game company Mobcast and Eitarosoft are both currently working on a game temporarily titled “Project U”, according to an article by SoraNews24.

The project was described as a “character raising action RPG.”

Players would be similar to an action role-playing game (RPG) but with multiplayer features.

Aside from cooperative play, here’s the fun part: players may also fight each other in player versus player (PVP) battles.

KLab Games and Axel Game Studio are meanwhile working on their own version too, and they have scheduled the game’s release within this 2018.

But what’s uniqe with KLab’s game is that it will include the Japanese voice cast for the anime.

In December 2017, an animated special included with the Blu-ray box was announced at the annual Jump Festa anime and manga expo in Japan.

“Ghost Fighter” became such a hit anime in the Philippines during the 1990s. The 90’s kids, like you and me who are die-hard fans and grown ups now most probably have jobs today to own a smartphone and purchase the game. See you in the PVP arena!

Meanwhile, here’s something to add to the hype… as long as the heart is young, we will never get old!

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Video shared by Raymond Arsenal via YouTube