Happy birthday, padre? Priest dances to ‘Despacito’ in front of church’s altar, earns parishioners’ ire

Image capture from GMA News' YouTube video
  • Priest recorded ballroom dancing in front of the altar of his church in Bulacan for his birthday
  • He has reportedly  held several other events inside the church to save on expenses
  • Some parishioners are not pleased, said priest’s acts were irreverent and disrespectful

MANILA, Philippines  –  This dancing priest may find himself treading on thin ice instead after he was recorded ballroom-dancing at the front of his church’s altar in Bulacan.

The video, which was shared by GMA News, showed Reverend Father Wilfredo Lucas, San Miguel Arkanghel Parish Church’s parish priest, dancing to pop song ‘Despacito’ with a partner inside the church.

The event supposedly formed part of Lucas’ birthday celebration.

According to the report, he has allegedly allowed or held similar events in the past inside the church grounds in order to save on expenses.

As proof, a poster of a Valentine’s Day dance scheduled for February 10 inside the church could also be seen hanging outside the parish’s entrance.

For some parishioners, the priest’s acts of holding events like these were irreverent and disrespectful.

“Ang harap ng simbahan ay sambahan, hindi sayawan [The front of the church is for worship, not dancing],” one said.

“Altar ‘yun eh. Dapat nagdarasal ‘dun hindi nagsasayaw [That’s an altar. Prayer, not dancing, should be held there],” another remarked.

The priest has yet to air his side on the matter. Lucas’ superiors also have not commented on the controversy.

View video of the dancing priest shared by GMA News via YouTube:

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GMA News, YouTube