‘His only family’: Lolo asks kindhearted netizens to save cats after city pound took them away

Image capture from Cats of Manila's Facebook video
  • Elderly man is appealing for kindhearted people to come save and adopt his impounded cats
  • He explained he had to give them away after landlord told him to get rid of them or else be evicted
  • He said he had no other choice, but wants all 18 of them to live

MANILA, Philippines  –  To all cat lovers out there, this man needs help.

After having all 18 of his cats taken away from him last January 23, 64-year-old Rex Jokico is appealing to kindhearted individuals to come and give them a new home.

Jokico, an elderly bachelor who lives with his sickly brother in an apartment provided free by their relatives, explained that his landlord told him he would have to get rid of his cats or else be evicted.

Having no money or another place to stay, he had no choice but to accept the ultimatum.

“If I can’t get rid of my cats, my landlord will get rid of me. I had no choice but to let go,” he said in a video posted by cat advocacy group Cats of Manila.

While Cats of Manila was able to have 9 cats adopted, the other half still remain at the city pound in Camarin, Caloocan. If no one picks them up by January 26, they will be euthanized, according to their latest post.

For Jokico, he only wants the cats he has treated as his own children to live.

“I’m appealing to anyone out there. Please help my cats. I want them to live. They have as much right to live as we all do. In the great scheme of things, they have an important role for humanity,” he said.

Jokico’s appeal has stirred the hearts of the online community, with many sharing the video in hopes of finding a new home for the remaining cats — as well as new owners who will love them just as much as he did.

Watch the touching video of Lolo Rex appealing for help for his cats, as well as contact details: